Are you looking to take a free or low cost CPR class in Santa Cruz or Santa Clara County? This page will provide information that may help you out. The reason CPR companies charge for their training is to cover the costs associated with the course. CPR companies must pay for insurance, CPR books, CPR cards, manikins, rent, and all the other expenses that go along with running a business. However, if you are looking to be trained in CPR and the certification card is not necessary, here are some great free options. 

Aptos-La Selva Fire District
The Aptos Fire District offers free bystander CPR courses once every 3 months. This course would not provide participants with an official certification card, but they do cover CPR for adults, children, and infants. The spaces fill up quickly, so call them for more information: 831-685-6690. 

American Heart Association - CPR Anytime

CPR Anytime is an easy, low cost way that the AHA offers in order to train yourself in CPR. The cost of this product is about $40 and includes an actual CPR manikin, lung, DVD, and reminder card. For as low as $40, you can train your whole family in CPR. View more information about the CPR Anytime Program

Sports Basement

The Sports Basements offers free American Safety and Health Institute CPR classes in their sporting goods store. They have locations in Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and Campbell. These classes always fill up since students receive an official certification card after their course. However, this CPR course is not valid for those in the medical or healthcare field. 

Free CPR Classes for Santa Cruz Non-Profits

Are you a non profit organization located in Santa Cruz? If so we offer 4 free CPR and First-aid passes ($560 value). In exchange, we ask that you put a link on your website that links to our website. if you are interested, send us an email.

Free CPR Saturdays or Sidewalk CPR Events

The American Heart Association and the American Red Cross regularly offer free bystander CPR training courses to the public. These courses do not provider an official certification card, but at least you can learn the basics of how to save someone when their heart stops beating. 

Official CPR Certification Card

If you are required by your employer to have an official certification card, view upcoming classes here: 

Free CPR Classes in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County

Santa Cruz CPR Classes