We offer the EMSA Pediatric CPR and First-aid class about once per month in San Jose and the EMSA Health and Safety course is offered about once per month, but only in San Francisco. 

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EMSA Stickers: What are EMSA Stickers?
After attending the 7 hour Health and Safety Course, you will receive a certification card with an EMSA sticker. After attending the 8 Hour Pediatric CPR First-aid Class, you will receive the official American Heart Association Pediatric Heartsaver First-aid and CPR certification card, which is valid for two years. If you take this course, you do not need to have a sticker on your card. Per EMSA regulations, you can either attend an EMSA class and receive the sticker, or take the Pediatric AHA CPR and First-aid class, or take an American Red Cross class.

View the official regulations on the EMSA’s official website:

Article 2. Training Requirements for Child Care Providers
§ 100000.17. Training Requirements for Child Care Providers.
(a) The training requirements for pediatric first aid and CPR for child care providers shall be satisfied by maintaining current certification in pediatric first aid and CPR. Current certification is demonstrated by possession of the following:

(1) A current pediatric first aid course completion card issued either by the American Red Cross or by a training program that has been approved by the EMS Authority, and

(2) A current pediatric CPR course completion card issued either by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association, or by a training program that has been approved by the EMS Authority.

(b) Retraining in pediatric first aid and CPR shall occur at least every two years.

(c) The training requirements for preventive health and safety for child care providers may be satisfied by completion of a course and certification in preventive health and safety. Certification in preventive health and safety is demonstrated by a child preventive health and safety course completion document issued by an approved training program.

(d) The requirement for taking the preventive health and safety training is one time only.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 1596.866, 1797.107 and 1797.191, Health and Safety Code.
Reference: Sections 1595.866 and 1797.191, Health and Safety Code.

How can I be sure that Safety Training Seminars is licensed to provide EMSA certified CPR & First-aid courses?
That is a great question, since there are a few companies that claim they are EMSA certified but do not provide the proper certification.  I am sure you would not want to train your large staff for 8 hours and then not receive the proper certification. Here are ways to find out if a company is certified to provided the EMSA certification courses:

1. View the EMSA’s website and find out if the company is an approved provider. Safety Training Seminars is approved.
EMSA’s Approved Training Programs

2. You can call EMSA in Sacramento and ask if Safety Training Seminars is an approved provider or view our certificate below.

3. Reputation. Safety Training Seminars has been providing these EMSA courses since 1993 and our license number is 0204-DC

4. Check the length of the class. Per state law, the Pediatric CPR and First-aid class is 8 hours long. If you find a company in Santa Cruz that offers this class for less than 8 hours (and there are a few), you would not receive proper certification and you would have to take the class all over again. If you discover one of these scam courses, you should report them to the EMSA authority by calling 916-322-4336 ext. 434. View warning from EMSA about the scams for unlicensed Pediatric First-aid classes in the Bay Area.

Fraud Alert from EMSA

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